Payroll Features Up close

Manage not only employees and pay level details but including Philippine-specific benefits and deductions. Go deeper with our automated timekeeping solutions.

Customizable For Your Company

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Pay slips with one Click

Calculate payroll and generate payslips for 1 to 1,000 employees with our one-click creation of pay slips.

Automated Payroll Calculations

Manage your payroll at the speed and convenience of a few mouse clicks!  Calculate all your employee payslips at a click of a button.  No downloads and get started the moment you sign up!

Going down to Details

Understanding the opportunity for innovation is our standard in business development. At Zalamea, we believe that one way to improve your productivity is to ensure that our solutions fit your company needs. Check this detailed listing of our features -- fully customizable based on your company policies.

Employee Management
  • Full Information Management for employees. Information managed is listed below.
  • Unlimited number of employees.
  • Tracking of status and length of stay.
Personal Information Employment Information
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Sex
  • Civil Status
  • Birth date
  • Contact No.
  • Date Hired/Resigned
  • Pay Level
  • Department
  • Position
  • Employee Status
Taxation/Benefits Information Miscellaneous Information
  • TIN
  • Tax Exemption Code
  • No. of Dependents
  • Payout Bank
  • Payout Account Number
  • Date Hired/Resigned
  • Pay Level
  • Department
Pay Levels/Compensation Management
  • Unlimited number of paylevels and compensation patterns.
  • Associate employees to pay levels.
  • Different pay cycles per pay level. Some employees can be weekly and others can be bi-monthly.
  • Flexibility in definition of compensation packages, including standard and medical benefits, insurances, allowances and leaves.
Salary Calculation Rates Pay Frequency
  • per Hour
  • per Day
  • per Week
  • per Month
  • Flat Rate
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
Variable Work Days Variable Work Time Tracking
  • Ability to set working days per Pay Level
  • No Work Days tracking (for per Hour workers)
  • Configure different work times per Pay Level
  • Automatically calculates deductions based on times.
Delinquencies (Tardiness/Grace Periods) Automatically Calculated Pay Differentials
  • Get notified of Time Keeping data delinquencies
  • Automatically calculate tardiness penalties (set amount/minute tardiness/under-time)
  • Regular
  • Overtime
  • Night Shift
  • Regular Holiday
  • Special Holiday
  • Rest Day
  • Double Holiday
  • And any combination
Government Standard Benefits Medical Insurances
  • SSS Bracket Deductions
  • Pag-Ibig Deductions
  • PhilHealth Deductions
  • Flexible Insurances definition. Unlimited number
  • Varying premiums/deduction schedule
Leaves Allowances
  • Unlimited Leaves definition
  • Tracking of leaves left per employee
  • Restrict over-use of leaves
  • Unlimited flexible Allowances definition
  • Setting for schedule of allowances (earnings)
Branch Management (for development specifically for your organization)
  • Set holidays in a year and all pay differentials get calculated accordingly.
  • Automatically calculate pro-rated pay. Setup number of days in a week/month.
Organization-wide Management
  • Manage branches inside your organization.
  • Each branch would have branch administrators, which allow limited management of payroll/timekeeping facilities if allowed by the main office.
Branch User/Permission Management Branch Employee Management
  • Creation of Users by the Main Office and assigning of branch.
  • Assigning of roles to Users in branches.
  • Manage Employees inside branches.
  • Branch Administrators control employees in their branches and allow creation of new employees and pay level assignments.
Branch-Level Timekeeping and Payroll
  • Manage employee time cards (if allowed by Main Office)
  • Manage Pay slip income and deductions (if allowed by Main Office)
Automated Time Keeping (for development specifically for your organization)
  • Employees can log-in to view time cards and leaves and pay slips information.
  • In Time-In mode, Fast input of username/pin combination for automated time-card entry (username/pin option)
  • With Biometrics/Fingerprints option, the employee uses his fingerprint and does not need to have username/password to access the information and/or time-in.
Employee Specific Log-in Portal Employee Information View
  • Ability to log-in as an employee and see information about himself.
  • View information about himself, and his own Pay level
  • View his current and past time cards and payslips
  • View Leaves and Usage History
Time Keeping Device Interface
  • Interface to allow employees to time-in/out with few keystrokes (or just a fingerprint)

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