Is my data secure?

We value your organization's data and place it at the core of our business.  This level of value can be best explained by the measures we have taken to secure your data.  Here is a more detailed look at security:

The Internet

The Internet has become a secure platform for doing business -- as long as a close attention is given to securityZalamea! uses 256-bit encryption on all of your communications with our servers.  This is the same level of security banks use for customer and bank-to-bank transactions.  This ensures that its impossible for anybody to spy on your transactions with our servers.

The Web Interface

Zalamea! uses a very secure web platform to serve your data.  This web platform has built-in protection from cross-site scripting attacks and other forms of modern attacks for hackers to steal your data.  We test our systems for hacker-proofing by using the services of a web security consultant.

The Servers

Our servers are protected by rock-solid firewalls.  We only allow access inside our server network through HTTP/S traffic, thus eliminating possible points of infiltration.  Our servers are updated weekly with the latest server software and security tools.

We even secure your data from our own employees.  Nobody except you can access your data.  We achieve this by isolating our database servers and securing them with automatically randomized passwords.  Since only the application secure code can access the data in our databases, even we can't touch your data.

The Database Storage

Other than securing the database from ourselves, we have taken measures that, even in the event of physical theft or calamity, your data will still be secure.  We store your data in encrypted form.  We have continuous off-site backups to other secure locations such that even natural calamities will not destroy your data.

In Zalamea!, we are serious about security.  We believe that this is the heart of our business.

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