What else do I get from Zalamea! other than the packaged software?

There are a lot of benefits of using Zalamea! as a solid platform for your business automation needs.

Better Software Maintenance and Updates

To ensure that you're system will have almost zero downtime. Your software system is maintained 24x7 by our network administrator & IT experts. With our platform, we minimize the headache caused by system failure and days of system downtime. Our applications are intuitively available all you need is an internet access. You do not have to worry about manual updates because your system is automatically and seamlessly updated in the background for you.

No Infrastructure Investment

You do not have to spend a single peso to start working with Zalamea!  With traditional software solutions, you are required to invest not only on expensive business software, but also on servers and workstations for your employees.  With Zalamea!, all you need is an internet browser.  We have already made the expensive initial investment for you!

More Integrated Software Solutions

Zalamea software packages were designed with multiple clients in mind and ensure that they integrate seamlessly with other software solutions in our platform. We ensure that every base is covered and our reports can be customized based on your needs..

And because our business is all about service you can always request for customization or enhancement and we will subsidize the software development cost if your feature can be used by other organizations!

More Options for Enhancements and Customizations

Unlike traditional business software packages, Zalamea! platform were flexible allowing customization and enhancement of solutions easy and with the lowest possible cost.

With Zalamea you have a lot of options to extend your software! Your first option is a voting system, which will give you the power to vote for the additional features you need to stay on top. When your feature wins the vote, we will develop it for you for free. It will not cost you a single peso to get your needs heard. If you really need something done immediately, send us your request. We can give you the best possible price for your customization and, depending on your request, we even offer subsidies on the development cost! These options ensure that your future with our platform will grow with your business!

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