What is Zalamea!

Zalamea! is a new IT Solutions delivery for businesses in the Philippines, when business automation seems farther to small and medium businesses. A wholly-Filipino owned company, it presents a new way to providing automations to small businesses who normally cannot afford business automation. Traditionally, a business can either buy an expensive software package that will have to be installed in their premises, or commission a software solutions company to create tailor-made software for their business.  Both of these solutions require an very high initial investment in time and money but, Zalamea can offer it now when you can get it initially free.

We understand the need for automation in every businesses aspect to be competitive. We offer software packages with zero initial investment and a very nominal monthly fee -- just like paying for your electric or phone bills. Helping Philippine small and medium businesses is our duty. We are continuously developing our solutions to fit the needs of businesses. The growth of our business users is our pride and our future rests in the growth of your business.

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