Build 962: Updates from the Development Team

We have not been sleeping on our laurels on the upcoming releases and fixes!  Thanks to your continuous use of our applications services and we're almost there for the Out-Of-Beta Zalamea! Payroll.

Here are some of the major issues we tackled over the past week:

Data truncation (text being cut short) in Reports is now solved! (#1 Priority)
Time Card Input now more usable with better Scrolling.
Payslip Report now very Stable!
Better error handling and reporting on the downloaded Payroll application
Automatic background sending retries for failed requests
Client Reports with more Detailed Information (while protecting your Privacy)
Logged-In Homepages sometimes display no Application Links
Home-pages navigation Improvements
Loading indicators on all pages (we know you just can't wait!)

I hope you continue using our business-enhancing applications.  Please send us your feedback for any problems and ideas you have!

Posted On   September 10, 2009